Arduino with graphical LCD shield ARD GRAPH132 programmed in Bascom.

Arduino picture There are on the shield pins marked with '*'. These pins are to be used.
PORTC/pin0 (analog): for joystick positions
PORTD/pin3 (digital): for GLCD backlight working set contrast with HIGH or using PWM !
pin0 not used  pin1: reset  
pin2: CS chip select  pin3: DIO commands/data  pin5: CLK clock


First the contrast is adjusted on pin3 of PORTD using PWM on the lines 9-11. With 127 about half of the maximum (0-255) is set.
Config PORTD.3 = output
Config Timer2 = Pwm , Compare B Pwm = Clear Up , Prescale = 8
Compare2B = 127

Program test4b tests the display with output on the picture above:

Following functions are provided, the last parameter is color:
Pset 32 , 110 , BK
Line(0 , 0) -(130 , 130) , B
Box(10 , 30) -(60 , 100) , R
Boxfill(0 , 0) -(60 , 10) , G
Circle(30 , 30) , 10 , B
Lcdat 100 , 0 , "12345678" , B , gray

There are 4 includes in the test4b. First of them the color definitions, which I have obtained by testing, because the color values, which I found in internet weren't suitable. With &B11111111 I got purple instead of white, with &B00000000 I got dark blue instead of black. Also the CLS function made background purple. I don't know, why it works in such a way.

Second include provides initialisation of the display configuration. Most of the options are set by default, but I have set them, because we easy make a change without affecting the source code.

The last two, after the program end are inline ASM declarations of two fonts.