Panasonic Sony Tecsun

Panasonic RF-B65     Sony ICF-SW7600GR      Tecsun PL-660.


digital radios
All 3 receivers are excellent in their class, but if we compare them, there are some variances. This comparison concerns my receivers and reflects my preferencies and experience. All of them have power suply 4 AA elements and current consumption about 70 mA.
On MW and LW band they are less sensitive on ferrite as the best analog devices in their size or slightly bigger.
audio reproduction** only mono* (speaker+vol.ctrl=weak spot)***
sensitivity & selectivity FM******
FM air-band--**
sens. MW, LW on ferrite****** (weak spot)
sens.& selectivity SW******
tuning comfort SW SSB* (BFO)** (USB/LSB mech.switch)*** (USB/LSB el.sw., mem.saved)
sens.(rf gain) control* (DX/local)*** (continously)** (DX/normal/local
select.(band width) control--** 2 levels
signal strength indicator***** on/off***
synchronous detection-****
display* (no light=weak spot)***** light behaviour cntl, 10mA
frequency tuning*** no rotary, only push***
volume setting******
push buttons******
memory system** 36 (9 for each band)* 100 in 10 pages*** 2000, for bands or in pages
power supply* for mem. +2 AA elems***** in-line charging