CB - Citizen band devices & PMR.


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Stabo SH 7500 40 channel CB handy, IC:LC132, MC3359, PS:10*AA.
Stabo Gamma 3 channel CB handy, IC:MC3359, CH:5, PS:9V-E, text at the back.
Team Maxi 9040
40 channel CB handy, IC:LC7132, MC3361, 386, PS:10*AA.
dnt HF13/12
12 channel CB handy, IC:LA1240, LM389, PS:8*AA.
Handic 31
3 channel CB handy, CH:5,10,15, PS:9*AA, schematic diagram.
3 channel CB handy, PS:8*AA. I have used a 5V to 12V DC-DC konverter to reduce the number of elems.
Walkie-talky 1 channel CB for children, PS:9V-E
HY-COM CB 4000 22 channel car CB, IC:AN241, PLL08A.
ASH 2012 M
12 channel car CB, IC:TCA440, TBA120.
Zodiac mini 66
6 channel car CB.
SWR devices 3 SWR devices.
Power amplifier 30 W power amplifier.
VXW010 (no CB)Czechoslovak FM(45 MHz) device used in army. Prod.years: 197X, detail, inside 1, inside 2,
Binatone MR 650 8 channels PMR with 38 subchannels. Frequency range: 446.00625-446.09375MHz.
500 mW up to 5 km of reach, channel search mode/transmitter search mode
LC display with background lighting, accu state announcement, digital voice reg., phone call tone.