Electronic calculations

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frequency → wavelength (c = 300000 km/s)

       λ = c / f:

wavelength → frequency (c = 300000 km/s)

         f = c / λ:

Capacitive and inductive reactance and resonance frequency

Inputs                                                                                                         Results

Frequency:        fres=1 /2π×√L×C:

Inductivity:         ZL=2πf×L:         

Capacity:             ZC=1 /2πf×C:     

Inductivity of cylindrical coil with air core for winding length > 0.8 * radius

W.number:        Length [mm]:        Radius [mm]:  

  L= µH

Inductivity of flat spiral air core coil

W.number:        Depth [mm]:        Aver. radius [mm]:  

  L= µH