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Old big tube icon iconTelefunken
RL2T2 HF triod.
Kapsch und Söhne
block capacitors
icon iconK&S reostat
Variable resistor icon iconMini reostat   icon Telefunken and Funkwerk Erfurt ECH11 and EF14 metal tubes
Cathode ray tubes icon Oscilloscope tubes
7QR20 and DG3-12A.
Ge transistors icon Several Ge transistors from the sixties.
2. world war german military tubes.
Navy forces
icon Lorenz RL2,4T1 and RL2,4P2
Valvo RV2,4P700
Telefunken RL2,4T4   see also
Stefra and ESSCO
radio components
icon German or austrian radio components for hobbyists.
variable capacitor.
icon better picture
SSR Pat.pend.1926,1928,1929
German manufacturer, produced mainly electronic organs.
icon Little melody bell.
Wersi began manufacturing do-it-yourself electronic organ kits in 1969.
rectifier and capacitors
icon icon Radio Hekaphon
  icon Old telegraph key
Big variable common reactance icon iconCopper on keramic nductivity   icon Telephone step rel.
Tel.switch icon iconEarphone   icon Phone monitor Kalimar Tronics T-1110. 2*2SB186 Sanyo Ge-transistor preamplifier with coil inductive coupling as input.
PCB Univac icon iconPCB with trafos   icon High-voltage lightning arrester
PCB Sprague icon iconPCB 1 - another PCB PCB 4 icon iconPCB 5
PCB 2 icon Diods: ITT(EM89, EM120), N3669.
TI(GA322, GA324),
PCB 3 icon  
PCB with relays icon With a lot of relays on the board. PCB with cooler icon  
PCB with diodes icon With a lot of diodes EM120 (ITT). PCB russian icon Transistors: 2T3126, 2T6025, 2T803A.
PCB with nuvistors icon Nuvistor 7586 Siemens-Halske, tetrod
in detail - not much bigger as a transistor.
PCB with E88CC icon Noval dual triode tube - steep, used in TV tuners
PCB with IBM 52 circuits icon in detail - predecessor of a conventional IC ?
Motorola transistors with the cooler 183801.
wound resistors 1,2,2,5 ohm icon setting possibilities: 1-10 ohm, production date: 9.5.1941.
Produced in Soviet Union.
1.5 V AA element icon Flying Bomb 9 V Battery icon Hellesens
ELM Hear-help icon Without active elements Another hear help icon original battery, using instructions.
SanKen icon Transistor amplifier Schrack relays icon  
3 well known IC's icon Procesor Motorola MC68000,
AD convertor Intersil ICL7107,
function generator Exar XR2206.
Vienna Hear-help icon With Ge transistors.
Stella economic lamp. icon Trafo 220V -> 6V/500mA with transformation of thread from big lamp thread to little lamp thread. MW radio oscillator and IF transformer cans. icon .
Old spool with 0.1mm lack wire. icon spool_CuAnother Siemens Halske spool   icon 2 old spools from Vienna producers.

Transformers - railway and others


* lonely vagon *
Component click to enlarge Notes Component click to enlarge Notes
Power suply icon Self-constructed 6V DC max 0.3 A with selen rectifier Railway model trafo Arnold icon Arnold 0-12V DC, 0-6V DC, 1.3 A, max 13VA, 16V AC max 16VA
Railway model trafo Fleischmann icon Fleischmann 0-15V DC, 1.2 A, max 17VA, 14V AC max 14VA Railway model trafo Roco icon Roco 0-14V DC, max 14VA, 14V AC max 14VA
Railway model trafo Trix icon Trix 0-12V DC, max 6VA, 13.8V AC max 6VA Railway model trafo Märklin icon Märklin mini-club 2-8 V DC, max 5VA, 10V AC max 6 VA
Railway model trafo Piko icon Piko 1.7-12V DC, max 1.2A, 16V AC max 1.2 A Railway model trafo Kleinbahn icon Kleinbahn 0-16V DC, max 0.9A, 16V AC max 0.9A
Railway model trafo Märklin icon Märklin Auto model trafo Märklin icon Märklin 14V max 0.7A
Railway model trafo Juwa icon Juwa 3-14v 0.5 A Power suply Matchbox icon Matchbox 10V DC max 0.4 A
Nice trafo with 2 power supplies icon IC's: LM317T for regulated voltage, MC7812 for 12V. Neumüller minipac netzmodul icon Trafo and rectifier 110-220V AC to +-12V/0.25A DC sealed in one piece.