Recording and playing devices.


nr Producer/Name Type - click to see Features (PS = AC net power supply)
1AIWA TA133 FM/MW, walkman - stereo radio - cassette player
2AIWA TA253 FM/MW, walkman - stereo radio - cassette player, LED battery indicator: green:U>2.3V, yellow:U>1.9V, U less: red.
3AIWA TA353 FM/MW, walkman - stereo radio - cassette player, LED battery indicator: green:U>2.3V, yellow:U>1.9V, U less: red.
4AIWA TX376 FM/MW, walkman - stereo radio synthetised tuner - cassette player
5ASAHI CR-344 FM/MW/SW, tape rec, IC, PS
6ASAHI RD-804 FM/MW/SW, stereo radio, tape rec, IC:TA7232,TA7343,TA7658,uPC1018C, 7.5V-C
7BANG & OLUFSEN Beocenter 1400 FM/MW/LW, tape rec. PS
8Benkson 25 also Ehrcorder Japan, reel to reel tape rec, 2*1.5V-C(for motor), 9V-E(for amplif.I=6mA), switch not orig, inside.   Mr. Fred Mason was so kind to send me a clarifying note about the date stamp in of this device: The circular stamp shows the production date as 37.8.17. Japanese radios and tape recorders are often dated from the beginning of the reign of the current emperor. This tape recorder was produced in the Meiji Era, which began in 1925. The first number, 37, means the 37th year of the Meiji Era, or 1962, which is 1925 + 37. Thus, this Benkson tape recorder was assembled on August 17, 1962.
9GRUNDIG RR-225 FM/MW, tape rec, 9V-C, PS
10GRUNDIG Cosmopolit FM/MW/SW world receiver with tape recorder, talking clock with alarm, 4.5V-AA, another view.
11GRUNDIG RR 1140 SL FM/MW/LW/3*SW, stereo radio-recorder, 9V-D, 3V-AA(only time), PS.
In picture compared in size with Music Boy 60. Such device is also called boombox or ghetto blaster.
12JVC TD-W301 Stereo casette deck, PS.
13KAPSCH MCR 103 FM/MW/LW, tape rec, PS, 6V-D
14MAINZ 217 M FM/MW, tape rec, PS, 6V-D
15MUTACHI no type FM/MW, stereo, tape, equal, IC
16OCEAN MC-88 Micro casette recorder, 4.5V-AA, Made in Japan
17OLYMPUS L200 Micro casette recorder - Pearlcorder, 3V-AAA
18PANASONIC RQ-8050 Data recorder for Personal computer, PS
19PANASONIC RN-190 Micro casette recorder, 3V-AA
21PANASONIC RQ-227SD Casette recorder, 6V, PS, back cover
22PANASONIC RQ-212DS Casette recorder, 6V, another view
23PHILIPS D 7210 FM/MW radio+recorder, Trans: BF324, BF495, 4*BC548, IF:TDA1220A, LF:TDA1011A, 2 scales with 2 pointers, Motor reg. IC: TDA1059,  6V-C elem., PS
24PHILIPS D 7527 FM/MW, electronic clock radio recorder, seen: 2 ceramic filter for FM,
IC: TA7614AP (AM,FM+AM IF),  TA7628P(recorder+AF),  MM5455N(clock), PS,   inside.
25PHILIPS D 6600 Casette recorder, 6V-AA
26PHILIPS 70FC 660/00R Stereo casette deck, made in Portugal. Prepared for J.H.
27PHILIPS LFH0595 Micro casette recorder System 500 Made in Austria
28Poppy CR-212 MW/FM radio with IC AN210, recorder, Made in ?, 6V
29SAMSUNG MY-A1 FM/MW stereo radio-walkman, Dolby, reverse play, equaliser, 3V
30SANYO M 5850FE FM/MW, Micro casette recorder, 4.5V
31SHARP GF 6000 Radio-recorder FM/MW/LW/SW(6-18MHz), 12V-D, PS, prod.1977, inside.
32SHARP GF-A1 Radio-recorder FM/MW/LW/SW(6-18MHz), 9V-D, PS. inside.
33SIEMENS Tramp RM 949 Tape recorder-walkmann with FM/MW radio, 3V
34SONY WM-F15 FM/MW stereo walkman-recorder, 3V-AA
35SONY WM-F66 FM/MW stereo walkman-recorder, 3V-AA, very flat radio built into top cover - see the picture
36SONY WM-F2081 FM/MW stereo synthesized tuner-digital freq., walkman-player, with clock and alarm, 3V-AA.
37SONY WM-30 FM/MW stereo walkman-player, 1.5V-AA
38SONY WM-32 stereo walkman-player, 3V-AA
39SONY WM-EX9 walkman-player, 1.5V(?), another view.
40SONY WA-8800 FM/MW/SW stereo world receiver, cassette recorder, 3V, detail.
41Stansonic 104SL cassette recorder Made in Korea, very compact, 6V-AA
42STENOCORD Typ 291 Micro casette recorder, 9V, Made in W.Germany
43TESLA KM 350 FM1/FM2-OIRT stereo/MW/LW, tape rec, 9V-C, PS
44Unknown no type FM, Micro casette player, 4.5V-AAA
45WAVE-SONIC MC-328 Micro casette recorder, 4.5V-AA