My measurement devices


3. R,L,C, clamp

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Ing. Erich Roucka Blansko
Bridge, Czech

Bridge Bridge Bridge Bridge

Standard electric
Bridge, Czech-German

Bridge Metra Bridge Metra Bridge Metra

Metra Blansko
Bridge. Czech producer.

Bridge Poland Bridge Poland Bridge Poland Bridge Poland

Polish producer
Bridge MW-4.

Bridges Omega

Metra Blansko - Omega
Omega I, Omega II, Omega III bridges.

Bridge RLC 10 and Icomet

Metra Blansko - RLC 10, Icomet
Ohmmeter and bridges RLC 10 and Icomet.


Metra Blansko - Megmet
For measuring of insulation resistance with own generator.

insulation resistances insulation resistances insulation resistances insulation resistances insulation resistances insulation resistances

Rectifier with new diodes, owner and user: ÖBB(Österreichische Bundesbahn) - Austrian Railway.    prepared for Jan H.

Tube LC meter BM 366

Tesla Brno - BM 366    given out to Jan H.
Czech rep., tube LC Meter.

Clamp meter

Metra Blansko - clamp meter.

Clamp meter Clamp meter

Metra Blansko - PK 110
Clamp meter.

Clamp meter

digital clamp meter.

Clamp meter VC-330

Voltcraft VC-330     Mini AC/DC clamp-meter. Same as UNI-T UT210E.
2 x 1.5V AAA. Auto power off after 15 minutes.
It measures also resistance from range 200Ω till 20MΩ and capacitance in ranges from 2nF till 20 mF.

AC Currentrangeresolutionaccuracy ±       DC Currentrangeresolutionaccuracy ±
2 A0.001 A3% + 102 A0.001 A2% + 8
20 A0.01 A2.5% + 820 A0.01 A2% + 3
100 A0.1 A2.5% + 5100 A0.1 A2% + 3
AC VoltageDC Voltage200 mV0.1 mV0.7% + 5
2 V0.001 V1% + 32 V0.001 V0.7% + 3
20 V0.01 V1% + 320 V0.01 V0.7% + 3
200 V0.1 V1% + 3200 V0.1 V0.7% + 3
600 V1 V1.2% + 3600 V1 V0.7% + 3

Clamp meter VC-539 Clamp meter VC-539

Voltcraft VC-539     AC/DC clamp-meter.
2 x 1.5V AAA. Auto power off after 25 minutes.
It measures also resistance in ranges from 400Ω till 40 MΩ, capacitance in ranges from 40 nF till 100 µF,
frequency in ranges from 5Hz to 10MHz, sensitivity min. 10V RMS.

AC Currentrangeresolutionaccuracy ±       DC Currentrangeresolutionaccuracy ±
4 A1 mA4% + 104 A1 mA3.5% + 13
80 A100 mA4% + 1080 A100 mA4% + 10
AC Voltage400 mV0.1 mV1.2% + 40DC Voltage400 mV0.1 mV1.3% + 15
4 V1 mV2% + 54 V1 mV1.3% + 3
40 V10 mV2% + 540 V10 mV1.8% + 5
400 V100 mV2% + 5400 V100 mV1.8% + 5
600 V1 V2% + 5600 V1 V2% + 5

Siemens AC clamp meter Siemens AC clamp meter Siemens AC clamp meter

Siemens KA 1400
AC clamp meter.

Capacitance meter Capacitance meter Capacitance meter Capacitance meter

Peertronic DM-6013 - capacitance meter made in Taiwan.
Same device also as Lutron DM-6013.

Monacor CM-350 - capacitance meter made in Taiwan 1987.


Chung Instrument Electronics 5105C precision parts tester
9V(block), 3mA. IC:7106CPL.
C: 200pF-2mF,   R: 200Ω-20MΩ,
battery test: 9V-15mA, 1.5V AA-200mA, 1.5V button-0.8mA,   LED test,
hFE and ICE0 PNP and NPN transistor test,   diode test.
Seems to be same as Voltcraft 5102C. See both side by side.

HGL 5105N, also as Peaktech 5105N
9V(block), 2mA (L and some C 6mA). IC:UM7108F.
L: 200μH-20H,   C: 200pF-20mF,   R: 20Ω-2GΩ   f: till 15MHz,
temperature till 750°C,   20V DC voltage,   diode test,
2.5 kHz square output 8V peak-peak,    made in Taiwan.

Voltcraft 4090
9V(block), 10mA. Auch als Monacor LCR-3500.
L: 2mH-200H,   C: 200pF-200μF,   R: 20Ω-20MΩ
made in Taiwan R.O.C., 1989.
"G" and "-" are internal connected, "G" are for shielded wires.

9V(block), 20mA.
LCR meter: 2ohm-20Mohm, 200pF-20mF, 200uH-200H.
See technical parameters

9V(block), 7mA. IC: UM7106. Made in Taiwan 1992.