8-transistor Deluxe radios.

This part was inspired by Deluxe Capitan, Captain, Commodore, Belson, Orion
and other named radios in same or very similar case with '8 transistors' written on it.
I have more of them and in the same case there are placed slightly different radios.
Originally they had 8 germanium (Ge) transistors:

But here some simplifying differences. For instance first transistor as mixing oscillator.

For this wiring 6 transistors are enough.
Therefore one transistor is used as a diod and one transistor is without any function.

The newer ones are with Si transistors in HF and IF part
and Ge transistors in AF part, or all 8 Si transistors, but two of the 2-legs transistors are in place of diods.

And some of them have only 5 transistors with 1 IF stage less.
At the picture ist the 5 transistors Deluxe radio. I draw the schematic and made some measurements:

The red cross is over a 2 leg transistor without any connection.

The PCB's are similar or same, here 2 of them, which are not the same, but similar:

For ilustration four Deluxe-similar Radios Yashima, Durando and 2 Captains.

We see some differences in placing of IF-trafo cans and Durando has only 1 AF trafo.

And here the PCB`s are different. Only the placement of controlling wheels is the same.

The schematic of Durando is much more different as the schematics of various Deluxe Radios.
All electrolytic capacitors were replaced, because most of them where faulty.
I have tried to make a drawing of the wiring.